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Health Information Ambassadors: Health Information Ambassadors

From the library to the bedside

Health Information Ambassador Program - Bringing the Library to the Patient

Librarians or trained hospital volunteers interview patients to see if they would like to receive educational materials from the library. An iPad is used to record the requests. The librarian fills the requests using reliable patient education resources.

  • After receiving patient education materials from the library, most patients rate themselves as “well-informed” about their requested topic.
  • When these patients completed the HCAHPS patient satisfaction survey, this library service was linked to a better patient experience. 

Read more about the Health Information Ambassador Program on page 6 of Consumer Connections, published by the Consumer Health section of the Medical Library Association.

Comments from patients and families who used this library service:

  • The materials helped me learn more about my heart attack. I’m losing weight and feel better as a result of following the heart healthy diet guidelines.
  • I believe that the library information made a difference to me.  I now know the symptoms of COPD flare-ups and what to do about them.  If I knew this before I wouldn’t have waited so long to see my doctor.
  • Very useful service!  Now I know about portion control and I’m reading food labels.
  • I read the materials about diabetes and diet in the hospital and at home.  This helped me gain new information about how to change my diet.
  • I am well informed after reading the materials from the library, especially about Coumadin and Vitamin K.  Now I can help my father with his diet.
  • I keep referencing the materials about a fib.  The information has been a great help to our family!

Program outcomes support the Rochester Regional Health's strategic focus areas:

  • Patient experience
  • Network development
  • Innovation and population health
  • Operational excellence and integration 

From the Library to the Bedside - Publications

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